A tattoo involves introducing pigment into the dermis layer of the skin to permanently change the colour of the skin. It can be done in several ways, including hand poking, hand tapping, scarification and ink rubbing and electric machine tattooing. We can assist you with any of these at Holier Than Thou but primarily this article shall discuss electric tattooing.

Tattooing is a permanent body modification and is only performed on 18+ individuals who hold valid photographic identification, it’s the law!

Unlike some studios, we operate a very strict hygiene regime that is similar to that of an operating theatre and we would welcome you to tour our studio and ask about our techniques before booking in for a tattoo. We have a separate sterilization room that houses our cold soak tanks, ultrasonics and autoclave machines. All artists have first aid, cross contamination and pathogen training and impeccable aseptic techniques to ensure your safety.

We use industrial HEPA filters and Medivent air filters to ensure the very air you breathe is as free of airborne pathogens as possible. All surfaces are designed to be wiped down with medical grade biocide after each client and the flooring and grout (where present) is hospital grade.

We believe in doing what is best for the client, not best for our pocket, and we will be honest in regards to the tattoo you are considering. If we believe it needs to be altered to work as a tattoo for the rest of your life, we will be honest! We will also be here for years to come should you have any queries in relation to the aftercare or upkeep of your tattoo.

We have two permanent skilled artists who each specialise in different styles – check out their extensive portfolios in our online gallery and in person the studio. We occasionally arrange for guest artists to visit, this is always well advertised at FACEBOOK, give us an add!

Good Tattoos Are Not Cheap. Cheap Tattoos Are Not Good.

You might be surprised at how affordable a good tattoo can be! All quotations are free of charge and our artists are ever-so friendly, so pop in for a chat with our artists or email hello@holier-than-thou.co.uk for an obligation free quote.