Branding and Scarification

Scarification is the process of cutting or branding the skin in a creative design to permanently mark the skin.

There are a variety of methods of scarification, including strike branding, chemical branding, cautery branding, branding using a diathermy unit (electrical scarification), cutting, skin peels, pigmented scarification and many others.

Here at Holier Than Thou, we provide only the scarification methods that give the best and cleanest results. For this reason, we currently offer cutting, skin peels and branding using a diathermy (electric cautery unit). We can use a mix of any of these three styles in your piece, if desired.

Scarification is a permanent modification and is strictly only performed on 18+ individuals.

We operate a very strict hygiene regime. We have a separate sterilisation room that houses our ultrasonic cleaners, cold soak tank and autoclave units normally found in operating theatres to ensure the very highest level of cleanliness and sterility. We use an industrial HEPA unit and a Medivent air filter to ensure the air in the modification and sterilisation rooms are as free of airborne pathogens as possible. All our surfaces are easy to wipe clean with biocide, and the flooring is hospital grade. Our staff members are more than happy to show you around the studio and explain all procedures prior to undertaking any modification. We recommend you speak with your doctor before undergoing a scarification procedure, and if he suggests a prophylactic course of antibiotics may be beneficial, we suggest you take these.

Scarification designs start at just £45 depending on the complexity and size of the piece, please browse through our available flash and see if something takes your fancy! Each of these pieces will only be done ONCE so when it’s gone, it’s gone! We are a custom studio, so feel free to bring in your own designs and ideas and we’ll draw something up for you. Should you have any queries please speak with a member of staff.

When considering your design, bear in mind that scars can ‘spread’ and will never be as clean or small as a tattoo line can be – therefore the simpler the design, the better the end result.






Healing Sternum Scarification (outline cutting)


Fresh Skin Removal Scarification. Demon sigils “to summon”


Fresh “Autopsy” Skin Removal Scarification


Healed Skin Removal Scarification


Fresh Anarchy Brand


Healing Anarchy Brand


Fresh Skin Removal Scarification


Fresh Outline Cutting – Nordic Compass


Aftercare of scarification is extraordinarily varied dependent upon the specific piece, person, skin type and desired result. In some cases we may advise you to mildly irritate the piece throughout the healing process, in other cases, we may suggest leaving it alone in the hope it will heal crisp and as neatly as possible.

Things to expect following your scarification piece:

  • Bleeding
  • Discomfort
  • Discoloration
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness

Secretion of sometimes sticky fluids ranging in colour (clear, milky, pale yellow, orange) Many people mistake this for a sign of infection – as long as the secretion is not green and smelly you should be absolutely fine!

Tightness of the skin at times throughout the entire healing process

There are a few standard aftercare rules for branding and cutting / skin removal:

  • The area must be kept clean and free from debris.
  • Do not touch your open wound with dirty hands!
  • Do not use scented products – all skin creams and moisturizers must be kept away from the healing piece.
  • Avoid all petroleum based aftercare products.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing over your healing scarification piece.
  • When drying after bathing, ensure you ‘pat dry’ the piece with a clean towel, do not rub, as this will encourage the scar to heal unevenly.
  • Avoid soaking in the bath for long periods.
  • Avoid swimming in public pools throughout the entire healing process.
  • Avoid causing excessive movement to the area as this could encourage the scar to heal unevenly.
  • Avoid sun exposure (including sun beds) and do not use fake tan or any creams/products on the piece.
  • If you can take anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or arnica – please do so according to the manufacturers instructions.
  • Drink lots of water and pay attention to your diet throughout the healing process.

Special Aftercare advice for cutting or skin removal scarification pieces:

*Please note this is NOT appropriate aftercare for a brand!*

We strongly suggest you ‘wet heal’ the piece for the first 5-7 days. This is because a cut will usually form a scab in open air very quickly and try to heal from the outside to the center of the cut and make the area pull tight. Along a line of scarification, this will likely result in an unevenly healed scar as different parts of the skin will close at different rates. If you cover the piece for the first 5-7 days, the body cannot form a scab but still wants to heal it, thus has no choice but to start producing scar tissue from the bottom up instead from the outside in, leading to a much neater scar.

Wet healing involves cleaning the skin thoroughly with a mild and gentle antibacterial soap, then rinsing thoroughly with plain water, then patting dry. Once dry, wrap the piece in cling film. DO NOT apply creams of any kind.

Pay attention to the piece throughout the day. As often as you need it, wash and dry the piece and re-wrap it as per the above step. You may only need to do this once or twice a day, or you may need to do it several times a day – everyone is different.

Keep the area covered at all times (day and night, aside from when you are washing it) for the first 5-7 days. Please keep in touch with us and send us daily photographs so we can advise you when to stop the wet healing process.

If you have ANY concerns, questions or queries PLEASE get in touch.

If you are ever in any doubt in regards to you healing piece (regardless of where it was done or what advice you have been given) please pop in and see us! We will always help as much as we can.