The cost of a piercing ranges with the jewellery you chose to be pierced with and can fluctuate with what stock we have in at any given moment.

We have lots and lots of jewellery to chose from including 14k & 18k gold, implant grade titanium and niobium, as well as many other options.





With tattooing, we try to charge by the piece rather than by time to ensure our clients are fairly charged for smaller work and there are no surprise costs.

For large pieces that will take more than a few hours to complete, we charge by the half or full day and offer extensive discounts for this.

If you are interested in a quotation for a tattoo, please email and include a description of the tattoo you would like, photographic or image references, and please explain how large you would like it and where on the body you plan to have it and we shall get back to you with all the information you need. :)

Piercing age requirements

Earlobes (only) – from age 8+ with parental consent. Please note both the parent and child will need to present valid photo I.D. We will not accept other adults giving consent for a child to have their lobes pierced – strictly a parent must be present. Please note the child needs to have grown enough ears to support a healthy piercing (if their ears are too small they will have wonky/stretched piercings as an adult!) and the child must be mature enough to ask for the piercing him/her self and also explain proper aftercare to us. We reserve the right to politely ask you to return in a few months if we feel your little one isn’t quite ready.

Nipples, genitals, surface piercings, surface dermals, cheeks, translobes and large gauge piercing strictly 18+ with valid photo I.D.

All other piercings (including ear cartilage, navels etc) strictly 16+. Parental consent is not required but we will need valid photo I.D.