Laser Carbon Skin Rejuvenation

What it does:

Laser carbon skin rejuvenation is a revolutionary treatment that shrinks pores, reduces the appearance of marks, imperfections and fine lines / wrinkles and improves the firmness and overall appearance of the skin. It is a great anti-ageing treatment for the face, neck, hands and chest.

How it works:

The skin is cleaned and a thin layer of special carbon paste is applied to the skin. This absorbs any contaminants from within the pores and exfoliates the skin whilst reducing the inflammation from any blemishes.

Our laser is than passed over the surface of the skin which instantly breaks down the carbon. Any dirt etc. that the carbon has absorbed is instantly removed and the warming effect from the carbon destruction stimulates the skin to produce extra collagen, leaving the skin plumper and erasing fine lines. This treatment reduces the size of pores and the skin feels firmer, whilst achieving a more even skin tone.

Is it sore?

This treatment is completely pain free. You will feel a pleasant warm sensation.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions are optional but the results increase with the more sessions you have. A gap of 2 weeks must be left between sessions, and it is recommended to have at least 5 sessions to experience longevity of the results.

Am I suitable for Carbon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

If you have very dark skin, or bad acne, unfortunately this treatment is unsuitable for you. Please discuss any medical concerns with our staff to confirm if you are a suitable candidate.

Do I need to do anything beforehand?

  • The area to be treated should be free from make-up, perfume, deodorant and body or face creams. Be careful when using spray deodorant prior to treatment.
  • It is also important to make sure your skin is healthy, if you have any cuts or damage (e.g. sunburn) this must completely heal before treatment.
  • There should be no active or fake tan in the area to be treated. Use of sun beds or prolongued exposure to sunlight is not recommended for one month prior to treatment and an SPF 30+ must be used on the area between treatments. Suntans must be left to fade completely before treatment can start. Fake tans must also be fully faded before treatment can commence.
  • Medical history is taken at consultation, but we rely on you to inform us of any changes to this. We need to know of any medication you are taking including those bought from a chemist or herbalist.
  • Make sure that you arrive in good time for your appointment; this will allow us to pre-cool the skin if this should be required.

  • How do I look after my skin after the treatment?

    There may be short term side effects such as a slight reddening of the skin which will clear up within a few hours – if this happens just apply pure aloe vera gel. There is very little down time after the treatment, and assuming you have no redness, make up can be worn the same day! Just keep your skin clean and try to avoid oily makeup that will clog your pores back up. Try natural mineral foundations instead.

    Results can be improved by minimal sun exposure, not smoking and keeping stress to a minimum. The longevity of the treatment effects is determined by the skin type, condition and your lifestyle.

    Avoid strenuous activities, sauna and steam rooms, excessively hot baths, swimming, etc.

    Wash and bathe as normal but take cool showers rather than hot baths. The skin should be patted dry with a clean towel and not rubbed. Use an aloe vera gel to keep the skin moisturized and cool.

    Use a sunscreen (SPF30+) and protect the area from sunlight as much as possible between treatments and for at least one month after treatment ends. Failure to do this can result in hyperpigmentation that may or may not be permanent.

    If blistering occurs, contact the studio immediately for further advice. Keep the area clean and dry and allow it to heal naturally. DO NOT PICK grazes or blisters as this may increase the chances of a scar occurring.

    How much does it cost?

    Please note that one session relates to one area, e.g. The face is one session. The hands would be one session. The chest would be one session, etc.

    Single Session £50

    Three sessions £125 (save £25)

    Five sessions £200 (save £50)

    Test Patch

    Test patches are carried out to determine the treatment parameters (the best laser settings for your specific skin type) and to judge how your skin might react to a full treatment session. A test patch is a small trial area in a fairly hidden location on the area that allows the practitioner to assess how well the light energy is being absorbed and whether the skin is responding as would be expected.

    Clients are asked to make a note of any redness or swelling and how long it takes to reduce following the test patch.

    You can have a full treatment 7 days after the test patch assuming there are no problems.

    Possible side effects

  • In rare cases, the area may be itchy or swollen for a few days.
  • Blisters / scabs / bruising: these are rare. This usually takes 7-14 days to heal and will not affect the end result of the treatment – if you do get any blisters, do not pick these as you could encourage scarring.
  • Hyper/Hypo pigmentation: skin can develop temporary lightening or darkening after laser treatment. Pigment changes can be worsened with sun exposure but are usually temporary. Please contact our friendly staff if you experience this.
  • Infection: as with any treatment that affects the skin, there is always a chance of infection through it is exceedingly rare with this treatment.

  • If you have ANY concerns, questions or queries PLEASE get in touch.

    If you are ever in any doubt in regards to your laser treatment (regardless of where it was done or what advice you have been given) please pop in and see us! We will always help as much as we can 🙂