Semi Permanent cosmetic tattooing (also known as micropigmentation) involves introducing very small amounts of special coloured pigment into the shallowest part of the dermis layer in the skin in order to enhance our natural features. It is intended to save time, money (on makeup) and the frustration of trying to get ones eyebrows / eyeliner / lipliner even and flawless before flying out the door in the morning! Our faces change over time, therefore the semi-permanent nature of the pigment we use lasts up to 4 years but you can have it refreshed sooner if desired. We use a topical anaesthetic to ensure you stay as still as possible and to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Katie Dee of Vixen inc. is our wonderful practitioner, she has years of experience and was formerly a paramedic. You’re in safe hands!
Bear in mind, the colour can be over 50% darker immediately after the treatment. It WILL fade in the first 7 days and the final colour doesn’t make an appearance until around 4 weeks after the initial treatment (it is for this reason we ask you to wait a full 6 weeks before getting your top-up). During healing, its also possible for the tattooed area to look ‘fuzzy’ or ‘faded’ – this is just secondary healing and it just takes a little time to settle.

A FREE touch-up is available to you after 6 weeks after your initial procedure, it is during this session that you can ask to have the shape altered slightly or go a little darker etc. so live with them a little while and really scrutinize and let us know your desired result to help us to get them perfect for you ^.^
Whilst the inks we use are semi-permanent, the act of Tattooing (of any kind) in the eyes of the law is considered a permanent body modification and is therefore strictly only performed on 18+ individuals who hold valid photographic identification. We will, however, happily perform eyelash extensions on those under 18. 🙂

Unlike some studios, we operate a very strict hygiene regime that is similar to that of an operating theater and we would welcome you to tour our studio and ask about our techniques before booking in for your treatment. We have a separate sterilization room that houses our cold soak tanks, ultrasonics and autoclave machines. All artists have first aid, cross contamination and pathogen training and impeccable aseptic techniques to ensure your safety.

We use industrial HEPA filters and Medivent air filters to ensure the very air you breathe is as free of airborne pathogens as possible. All surfaces are designed to be wiped down with medical grade biocide after each client and the flooring and grout (where present) is hospital grade.

We believe in doing what is best for the client, not best for our pocket, and we will be honest in regards to the procedure you are considering. If we believe it needs to be altered to work best for you, we will be honest! We will also be here for years to come should you have any queries in relation to the aftercare or upkeep of your tattoo / treatment.


We want you to have the very best result from your lovely new cosmetic tattoo, in order for it to heal crisp and clean, it’s really important that you look after it.
It will take just 10-14 days for your tattoo to heal.

Remember: A tattoo is an open wound, and is at risk of infection until it is fully healed. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial hand wash before touching the tattooed area during the healing phase.

During the healing phase you might experience ‘leaking’ of a clear or milky fluid, flaking, tenderness, dryness, itching, redness, swelling, and in the case of eyeliner treatment, your eyelids might be red and puffy and your lashes might stick together. This is all completely normal and nothing to concern yourself with.

The provided moisturising balm should be applied at least 3 times a day. Your hands MUST be clean before the balm is applied.

Try not to get the tattooed area wet until it has fully healed (at least 14 days). Clean around (but not over) the tattooed area with a gentle cleanser. If you do accidentally get it wet, pat the area dry with a very soft lint-free clean cloth.

Do not expose your fresh cosmetic tattoo to extreme heat or humid environments (tanning beds, sunbathing, saunas, hot tubs etc.) until at least 14 days after the procedure.

Do not use makeup over the tattooed site until it has fully healed (at least 14 days).

Do not apply Vaseline or any other aftercare products other than the one we provide for you.

Do not touch, pick, rub or scratch the tattooed area or it will heal unevenly or patchy and could cause scarring and infection.


After your cosmetic tattoo has healed, you need to keep it looking lovely for years to come! Its really important to protect your tattoo from the sun – this includes sunbeds! Ultraviolet rays break down and fade a tattoo with astonishing speed – especially any soft delicate sections leaving you with a patchy tattoo.
Be sure to wear a high protection sunblock (minimum 30SPF+) at all times in sunny conditions to make sure your tattoo is lovely for years to come.

If you have ANY concerns, questions or queries PLEASE get in touch.

If you are ever in any doubt in regards to your tattoo (regardless of where it was done or what advice you have been given) please pop in and see us! We will always help as much as we can. 🙂


Semi-permanent eyelash extensions provide thickness and length to your natural eyelashes and really make a big difference to your overall appearance. Our Lash Perfect lashes are premium quality professionally applied to blend with your natural lashes making them suitable for a special occasion, convenience on holiday or every day wear. You can decide if you want a fairly natural look or dramatic lashes but whichever you choose they are virtually weightless and can last as long as your full lash hair cycle (up to 6 weeks!) Whilst its good to avoid getting them too wet in the first day or so you can go swimming, shower or have a good cry at a sad film and these won’t fall off.

The application process takes between one and two hours, depending on the number of extensions required for your lashes. Your natural lashes will last around 6 weeks before they fall out to be replaced with a new hair, and as the extension is applied to each individual lash, this is the maximum lifespan of the extensions. As your hairs aren’t all shed at exactly the same time, the lashes will start to thin out and look sparse if they aren’t maintained so we recommend a top-up every 2-3 weeks.

We use special adhesives that do not touch the skin, but we recommend you get a patch test done in advance just in case.


Congratulations on your lovely new fluttery lashes!

How you care for your lashes will drastically influence how long they last.

Avoid getting them wet as much as possible but this is essential for the first 12-24 hours at least whilst the adhesive fully sets.

Do not use steam rooms or saunas or expose the lashes to lots of heat during the first 2-3 days. Excessive use of these type of therapies will limit the lifespan of the lashes.

Try not to get them caught on clothing or towels, flannels etc. Be sure to remember to pat dry your face instead of rub.

Do not use mascara or an eyelash curler or any tools on your lashes.

Be gentle with your lashes, do not rub your eyes or play or pick at your lashes as this can cause you to pull out your natural eyelashes!

Do not use makeup remover on your lashes.

Keep the eye area clean to avoid infection.

Do your best not to sleep on your face and crush your lashes!

Never attempt to remove lashes yourself. Either let them come off naturally when your lash cycle ends or get them removed professionally – pop back and see us and we can do this for you.