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Body piercing involves cutting or puncturing human skin tissue to create an opening through which jewellery is worn. Historical, cultural and modern reasons behind body piercing can include religious or spiritual beliefs, aesthetic value, self-expression, rebellion and many more….  we don’t judge here!

At Holier Than Thou, we use only disposable, single-use blades or cannulated needles depending upon the procedure you are having. We only ever use high-grade Titanium jewellery for initial piercings, as this metal is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion and extremely unlikely to react with body fluids and tissues. Titanium is not magnetic (also doesn’t set off airport security scanners) and is the least likely metal to cause an allergic reaction.

We will give you the very best, honest advice we can muster in regards to the piercing you would like, your unique anatomy, and the most appropriate jewellery for the job. We want you to love your body and your new piercing, and be relaxed throughout the entire process of piercing selection, procedure, and aftercare for years to come.

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Stretching and Large Gauge Piercing

Existing piercings can be ‘stretched’ to a larger size by inserting a lubricated taper, followed by a slightly larger gauge piece of jewellery than the existing piercing. The stretched fistula should be treated like a fresh piercing for the next few weeks and massaged daily with oil to improve circulation and suppleness in the area. Once healed, the process can be repeated until the desired size is achieved.

Stretching a piercing too quickly (trying to stretch several up by several millimetres in one go) or stretching an area prematurely (before it has healed) can result in splitting or tearing of the fistula leading to a build up of scar tissue at the back of the piercing, also known as a blow-out. If the area does tear it is important to downsize the piercing immediately to reduce the pressure on the fistula. The area must fully heal before attempting to stretch again.

Once the skin tissue has stretched passed its elastic limit, the tissue is fundamentally dissimilar from its original appearance. Stretching a piercing is time demanding and requires dedication to the way of life. Do not stretch any part of your body unless you are certain that you will be happy with it for the rest of your life. Some people can stretch up to 8mm (0ga) and still have the tissue shrink down to almost nothing, but there are no guarantees that this will happen.


If stretching is too labour intensive, and you would like a large hole right off the bat, we will be happy to pierce at large gauge (up to 6mm) for you. This option is a safe way to achieve a large gauge piercing much faster than stretching. Large gauge piercing does not remove tissue in the way a dermal punch would (see modifications) but as with a stretched piercing – there is no guarantee the tissue would shrink down to how it was originally.

Microdermal Implants

These are a cross between an implant and a piercing. Microdermals are a T shaped piece of jewellery, the base plate rests under the skin and a thin post protrudes through the surface – a variety of attachments can be screwed into the post. All our Microdermals are made of surgical grade titanium originally produced by specialists in the aerospace industry. These take no longer and are no more painful than a ‘normal’ piercing, and have the added benefit of being able to be positioned almost anywhere on the body.

Microdermals are essentially surface piercings, as such there is the possibility that the body may attempt to reject them if they are exposed to stresses such as excess movement or knocks (catching a microdermal placed in the nape with a hairbrush for example!)

Microdermals are removed as easily as they are installed, but do need to be removed by a professional. If you need to have a microdermal removed please pop into the studio – just ask!